Asset Management

At Deep Trust, we provide clients with a wide range of investment options, including fixed income, alternative investments, and stocks. By providing investment support and advice that is attentive to our customer’s needs, we want to deliver long-term value.

We provide services to institutional, high-net-worth, and retail investors and aim to develop enduring relationships with each of them.

Financial Institute in Lagos


Financial Institute in Lagos

Private Wealth Management

In managing their financial affairs for wealth enhancement, accumulation, and intergenerational transfer, we serve as trusted consultants to our clients.

Managed Portfolio: We combine traditional and alternative assets to ensure that our clients achieve their investment goals while considering their risk profile, time horizon, and liquidity needs.

Financial Planning: We thoroughly analyze our client’s financial problems and offer suitable investment alternatives.

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Institutional Asset Management

While we offer the necessary investment management solutions, institutional investors may concentrate on growing their ultimate company.

Gratuity Funds: Employers might save money to provide employee benefits when they leave the company. The employees’ retirement profile is considered when managing the fund to achieve maximum returns and liquidity.

Employee Savings Plans: We offer employees at an organization an organized and practical savings plan to help them achieve their financial goals.

Liquidity Management: We assist in managing idle cash that can be needed on short notice and maximizing returns.

Cooperatives: To help cooperative societies accomplish the welfare goals of their members, we offer investing alternatives.


The Fixed Income Account is for customers who want to preserve their capital and experience steady growth. Contact us if you require more details.

Financial Institute in Lagos


We provide our clients with access to Treasury Bills issued by the federal government through the primary and secondary markets, as well as market analysis and advice on anticipated stop rates.

Financial Institute in Lagos

SMAs are designed with institutions and high net worth clients in mind and are tailored to each client's specific investing goals. Our investment advisory and portfolio management teams use cutting-edge ideas and well-established procedures to build custom portfolios that perform at their best. This is carried out strictly to the portfolio's risk tolerance and specified objectives.

Financial Institute in Lagos

The EIN is an investment in dollars created for clients who want to keep their assets in US dollars while generating lucrative returns. Contact us if you require more details.

Financial Institute in Lagos

The MMI allows short-term investors to obtain assets denominated in dollars at competitive returns. Contact us if you require more details.

Financial Institute in Lagos

For investors who want to keep their assets in GBP while generating competitive returns, the GBP MMI offers a chance. Contact us if you require more details.

Financial Institute in Lagos

Regardless of their income, level of risk tolerance, or investing objectives, we provide various pooled investment options for individual and institutional participants. They are appropriate for people who desire to make regular, disciplined investments for future financial objectives. Either make a one-time investment or make ongoing savings. Nigeria's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversees our mutual funds.

Financial Institute in Lagos

Value Proposition

Online Access

All of our customers have online access to their accounts. This keeps you updated and guarantees total openness.

Direct and Proactive Client Engagement

Every client's experience is one that we work to maximize. Investors receive proactive service from their financial advisor, who is familiar with them and their tastes and keeps them informed of relevant market trends.

Tailored Investment Strategy

No matter how risk-averse or aggressive the client is, our customized investment programs are created to suit the client. Our purpose is to continually assist clients in achieving their financial goals while considering current market conditions.

Diversification Across Asset Classes

Equities, fixed income, currencies, real estate, and other alternative investment options are among the asset groups in which we handle assets.

Disciplined Approach

Our Portfolio Managers build portfolios tailored to each client’s specific investment needs based on sound investment and risk management principles.