Securities Trading

Securities Trading

Deep Trust Investment Limited was incorporated on 9th May 2006 as a leading financial services institution with expertise in financial advisory and Corporate Finance.
The Company’s Clientele spans government, Institutional and Individual clients.

We are a Dealing Member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange. DTRI is a Stock Brokerage firm that deals in buying and selling Securities on behalf of its clients.

Our Securities business covers equities and fixed income instruments. We also carry out an advisory.

And stock listing, placement, and distribution services for corporate clients as brokers to offers.

We are also involved in the business of wealth management, principally through fund and asset management.

Service Offerings

Offering various products that provide value and make investing in the Nigerian equities market simple, we provide excellent equity investment services to local and foreign clients. The following is a list of the custom products we offer:

    • Brokerage Services
      By our best execution policy, we offer brokerage services with an unmatched execution strategy that guarantees the most incredible outcome for our clients.
      We execute customer orders using a direct, managed, or hybrid manner.
    • Global Account Reconciliation & Consolidation
      We take advantage of our connections in the market to ensure that any differences in our clients' accounts are kept to a minimum and resolved quickly.

As registered brokers, we make it possible to revalidate dividends, dematerialize stock certificates, search across all accounts, consolidate, and transfer shares.

  • Margin Trading
    We provide our affluent clients with a dedicated trading line that they can use to leverage their investments and possibly increase their returns on demand.
  • Trade Direct
    Clients get direct access to real-time quotations, execution, and information from the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange through our adaptable, practical, and simple-to-use online trading platform.

Financial Institute in Lagos

On behalf of issuers, we facilitate capital-raising operations through public offerings, rights issues, tender offers, private placements, and other means. As a receiving agent, we also take investor subscriptions during public offerings and send the money collected to the issuer.

Our skilled and knowledgeable staff uses their capital raising knowledge to ensure each capital raise is a success.

Financial Institute in Lagos

 We provide a broad range of fixed income investment services to retail, high net worth, and institutional clients looking for a set return on their investment portfolios for a specific time horizon, both domestically and internationally. Our investment products are as follows:

Federal Government Bonds
For long-term investors looking to purchase bonds issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, we offer access (FGN). We allow the quick and straightforward collection and submission of customer bids for the monthly FGN bond auctions as a fully authorized distribution agent for the FGN Savings Bond.

We offer access to corporate and sovereign Eurobonds issued by respected institutions inside and outside of Africa for clients with foreign currency holdings. Additionally, we make it easier for clients with local currency assets to acquire hedged products to develop Eurobond exposures while minimizing unfavourable exchange rate volatility.

State and Local Government Bonds
We provide access to local or state government-issued subnational bonds. These bonds, like FGN Bonds, often pay semi-annual coupons and are backed by the state or local government that issues them.

Corporate Bonds
We provide blue-chip corporate bonds, backed by the corporate organizations issuing the bonds, for clients looking for more excellent interest rates or yields than those offered by government bonds.

Financial Institute in Lagos

Leading experts in equity, fixed income, and macroeconomics make up our research team, which focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide timely market commentary and in-depth analyses of the country's economy and key industries, including financial services, consumer goods, agriculture, healthcare, insurance, energy, and industrial goods.

We analyze fundamentals from the macro, sector, and company levels to give a rich supply of market insights and ideas. To get the most out of their investments, our clients make use of these plentiful sources of market knowledge and concepts.

Our user-friendly research platform lets our clients access our thorough, in-depth study.

Financial Institute in Lagos