Trust Services

Our Securities business cover equities and fixed income instruments. We also carry out advisory and stock listing, placement and distribution services on behalf of corporate clients as brokers to offers.

We are also involved in the business of wealth management principally through fund and asset management.

Service Offerings

We provide our clients with personal trust guidance on methods for successful estate planning. Writing a will, creating a trust, creating a holding company, or utilizing any other transfer mechanism to guarantee that your assets are dispersed following your preferences constitutes estate planning.

Our Private Trust service offerings include:

    • Living Trust
    • Estate Planning
    • Family Office
    • Wills & Executorship
    • Endowments & Foundations
    • Nominee and Custodial Services
    • Personal Savings Trust

In our capacity as Trustees, we advocate for the bondholders' and unitholders' interests in situations like:

  • FGN-backed Bonds and State Bond Issues
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS)
  • Quasi REITS and
  • Mutual Funds.

We provide commercial trust services to organizations such as state governments, business entities, debt issuers, and other hybrid instruments. As trustees, we look after

    • Corporate Bond Issues/Private Note Issuances
    • Debenture Trusts under Consortium Finance/Syndicated Lending or Project Finance as well as
    • Structured Finance transactions.